The Woman Behind the Workouts

As a certified personal trainer with expertise across a variety of clientele, I am well equipped to serve as a fitness mentor. I’ve helped young athletes get the conditioning they need to pass coach-created team tests; I’ve helped new moms lose the baby weight; bored cardio junkies find their spark again; dedicated triathletes reach new limits; rehabilitated folks get back on their feet; and stressed brides regain their cool AND confidence for the big day.

I believe in creating the right fitness mix for people in order to inspire them to WANT to workout, not just “get through it.” While my professional credentials provide a solid foundation for the types of guidance and training I offer, it’s my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle that makes me successful with my clients.

I bring a mix of “current fitness fads” and “old-school tough love” to training that will keep you motivated to work harder and push further. I believe every day begins with a question:

“Will I make an excuse, or will I find an opportunity?” I don’t have time for the first, and I always look for the latter.


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